About Bargain Buy


Bargainbuy.com.au has been created to provide retailers, wholesalers, auctioneers, distributors and private sellers an avenue to clear goods or services, at bargain based prices. With the motto “Where the BRANDS & BARGAINS come to YOU” we aim to create an extensive demand network, based on individual needs and affordability. Agreements will be reached with various groups representing an entire supplier chain by which you then have the opportunity, to buy direct and realise the best possible price. The focus will primarily be on brand items and quality merchandise, which fall into the following categories.

• Over supply stock line items
• Superseded stock line items
• Damaged stock line items
• Clearance sales
• Promotional sales
• Liquidation sales
• Targeted audience sales
• Designated sales
• General Sales

What is the definition of a bargain?

Well, people’s perception has always centred on buying a product at a phenomenally reduced outlay, normally from 50% - 80% off the recommended retail price.

A version from the dictionary describes a bargain as -an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost.

We at www.bargainbuy.com.au basically classify a bargain as the purchase of the right product or service, at the right time and at the right price.

By registering with this website, you eradicate the luck component and expose yourself to a plethora of opportunities to purchase products as they become available, through the www.bargainbuy.com.au network. This network will be established over time and constitute the who’s who of the retail and wholesale industry. We will act as the vehicle to which relevant data and information is processed, translated and communicated to all registered clients in real time, culminating in a seamless cost effective transaction. Furthermore, our assurance levels are of the highest standard to ensure complete validation and satisfaction for each individual transaction, via client surveys and feedback.