ecostore Body Lotion - Light Moisturising 220ml

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ecostore Body Lotion - Light Moisturising 220ml

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Using the latest in eco-science, ecostore has created a premium range of skin care products that are healthier for you and are a delight to use. ecostore works with a world class team of scientists and chemists, led by Sir Ray Avery (2011 Knighthood, 2010 New Zealander of the Year) to bring you the best plant and mineral based skincare with no toxic or unnecessary ingredients. This means there are no parabens, no mineral oil and no synthetic dyes or perfumes. This light body lotion is enriched with jojoba oil, shea butter and olive oil. These emollients are very similar to the oils which are naturally produced by our bodies to protect our skin. Since it came out in Australia, I've been using this body lotion after showering and I enjoy the fact that my skin feels moisturised but not smothered. It has a light citrus fragrance to it that doesn't overpower or interfere with other perfume.