Q: What is Bargain Buy?
A: We are a dedicated online goods & service provider focused on bringing vendors & customers together by providing quality merchandise and ultimately focused on meeting the purchase needs of customers. Our slogan describing Bargain Buy is “Where the Bargains & Brands come to you”.

Q: What are the core products & services of Bargain Buy?
A: We match our merchant vendor products & services in various categories to customer needs. Our emphasis is on providing a professional conduit / gateway to facilitate purchasing transactions through Bargain Buy via a sophisticated and secure network. Payments made are secured by verified PayPal & may include the logistic cost of delivering to your door where so required.

Q: Who is operating this business?
A: This is a privately owned company with a management team that has been significantly involved in high level website delivery solutions. With over 20 years of combined experience in Australia, plus the involvement and contributions of our business partners our business model is geared to delivering a retail online shopping website of the highest quality.

Q: What category types & merchandise is available on Bargain Buy?
A: Bargain Buy focuses on brand items and quality merchandise in a variety of categories. There are potential purchase opportunities for our customers with vendors providing sales offers such as, Clearance & Promotional sales, Liquidation & Damaged Stock sales, Superseded Stock sales & Discounted sale items.

Q: What brand items & quality merchandise is available on Bargain Buy?
A: Bargain Buy is an online website geared to sell a variety of merchandise. We match our merchant vendor products & services in a number of different categories to potential customer needs. Our emphasis is on providing a professional gateway to facilitate purchasing transactions for Bargain Buy via a sophisticated and secure network including the logistics to get the product to your door.

Q: How old do I need to be to use the Bargain Buy website?
A: Please note you must be at least 18 years of age to make any purchases on Bargain Buy. When signing up as a customer we ask for age verification, but by using the Bargain Buy website in accordance with our Terms & Conditions Policy you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old.

Q: Access to the Bargain Buy website?
A: Customers once registered have secure access to navigate and make purchases on the Bargain Buy website. When you are logged into the Bargain Buy site you are logged into a secure website session using a 128 bit security key. Customers are also advised to keep their personal details up to date, with keeping your details up to date being quick and easy to do.

Q: How do I login to my account?
A: In the top right hand corner you can sign in or register as a customer, providing you are over 18 years of age. Once registered if you forget your password you will be issued with a new password and then be able to reset your own password.

Q: How do I get items purchased on Bargain Buy delivered?
A: Once you have made your purchases via Pay Pal you this will normally include a delivery cost of items purchased. Please note in some instances you may be able to pick up your purchases directly from the vendor where this is possible or the vendor may be able to deliver certain pre specified items. There may be some items that vendors may normally deliver as part of their business with an associated delivery cost, for example a furniture item.

Q: Is the process of registering & setting up an account expensive and time consuming?
A: No, once you register as a customer you will be able to utilise the website and start making your Bargain Buy purchases quickly and easily. There are no costs for customers to register on the Bargain Buy website.

Q: How do I search for products & services on Bargain Buy?
A: You are able to search via the individual categories on the home page, conducting a search by entering a specific word or words in the search field or by utilising the advanced search function.

Q: I am looking for a specific product and service but can’t find what I am looking for?
A: Bargain Buy is a new online website offering. Whilst there initially may be limited products & services available and you may not be able to find exactly what you are looking for, we plan to grow this website to be able to deliver more comprehensively what you are after. We intend to attract more merchant vendors to be able provide a greater range of products & services and we may in turn have more Bargain Buy categories to offer.

Q: What are the important tools & features of the Bargain Buy website?
A: The Bargain Buy website provides online support, a blog forum, tracking of purchases, bargain requests, featured products and offering new innovative solutions in a secure online environment.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: Our payment options are online payment methods, Visa, Mastercard & American Express via the PayPal Verified secure system. We do not accept cheques or Money Orders.