Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Bargain Buy is a consumer service organisation and does not manufacture or stock products of any kind. The Bargain Buy website provides a conduit between Bargain Buy customers and Bargain Buy vendors in facilitating the purchase and delivery of products. Accordingly, refunds and returns are subject to the manufacturer's or each individual vendors policies and discretion. As an agent however, we will utilise our best efforts to obtain a refund from the manufacturer or vendor on your behalf wherever possible.

Bargain Buy does not accept returns of products or give refunds for products which are not wanted or simply because you have changed your mind. We would recommend that you please choose your products carefully when making purchasing decisions.

A product that has been purchased from the Bargain Buy website may be returned if:

1. It is damaged or faulty upon receipt of delivery to you;

2. There is a fault in the product which is evident within 14 days (other than faults due to intentional or malicious damage or clear misuse of the product);

3. Bargain Buy reasonably agrees that the product is not of merchantable or saleable quality.

For any refund related enquiries you can email [email protected] for a reply.