Solution Living

The idea behind Solution Living is that you can live well, and in fact better, by being a conscious consumer. What's more, there is no reason at all why you should live like a hippy and give up all of your mod cons to save the planet.

Environmentally responsible products need not look ugly, smell bad or perform poorly. In fact there are sophisticated, highly developed and exceptional products now available and you can find them on our site. We will be sourcing and adding new products as we go so keep a look out for new additions.

The Solution Living philosophy believes that what is good for you and your family is also good for the environment - it is about choosing a better life and one that goes beyond just you as an individual.

Not only can you prevent damage to our world, you can be an active part of mending it. If you buy anything from this site you are likely to be creating a healthier environment in your home, a less toxic world, supporting fair trade, not participating in animal cruelty, reducing pollution and our impact on the planet. You will also be buying superior products of the finest quality.

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