Suvana Bio Lip Gloss (Stardust)

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Suvana Bio Lip Gloss (Stardust)

Price: $22.95

Solution Living
This beautiful everyday and all-occasion lip gloss is certified organic by ECOCERT, and is 100% natural. Suvana's Bio Glosses contain no parabens, petrochemicals and no artificial fragrances or colourants – which is all very good to know when you wear them on your lips! Made from shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E, this gloss will nourish and moisturise your lips, as well as making you look fabulous. Suvana's products all have a high gloss finish. They come in eight colours: Stardust a light, sparkly rose pink Autumn a shiny, warm-toned russet Moonlight nude silver Blossom baby peach-blossom pink Dusk dusky, antique pink Walnut light nude brown Amethyst sheer deep pink/mauve Cinnamon a bright copper This product is the STARDUST shade. If you'd like to try any other of the colours, however, we are able to order them in for you - just email us to let us know.